Network Management

Installing an IT or Telecommunications network is a big job. Designing such a network is one the services offered by ACC, and we bring all of our experience and expertise to bear on such projects. But the work doesn’t end there. IT and Telecom networks are complex, which means that they can require a healthy amount of management to keep them running smoothly. ACC provides Network Management to our clients so they don’t have to worry about their IT and Telecom assets. Network management can include a wide variety of tasks, from those that infrastructure-based to those that are optimization-based.

Maintaining your network can be vital to the health and to the daily operations of your business. A custom-designed network will suit the purposes of your business or organization within the anticipated scope. ACC will manage that network for you, so you can focus on running your organization.

How We Manage Your Network

Whether we’ve designed and built your IT and Telecom network or you’ve decided that your old network is simply taking up too much of your time, ACC can be contracted to manage your network for you. With our experience and expertise, we’ll be able to make sure that network stays up and running. In order to do that, ACC will do some of the following:

  • Contact vendors on your behalf to ensure all issues that come up are immediately addressed and resolved (including billing issues, service outages, office moves, and contract renewal negotiations)
  • Manage and maintain existing network infrastructure
  • Maintain and manage inventory
  • Process invoices and monitor service procurement
  • Negotiate vendor contracts, measure vendor performance, and manage refunds
  • Counsel and advise on end-user policies, technology transition, and network optimization

Even if your network is up and running today, your organization will likely need to grow. When that growth comes, network management will be a key factor. It can either limit you or free you.

Make Sure You’re Ready

In many ways, network management is about making sure you’re ready for today and anticipating tomorrow. At ACC, we know how important your network is to you. That’s why so many of our clients contract us for network management. Whether it’s a network we’re taking over or one we’ve designed and built for you, we can take the legwork out of network management for you. In other words, we’ll manage the network so you can manage the business.



"As Stearns Bank has grown in size both financially and geographically, ACC has skillfully managed the growth and performance of our WAN infrastructure and telephony. While taking into account our current business needs, ACC has anticipated and projected future requirements and has helped us make sound investments in and improvements to our network that have significantly benefited Stearns and have positioned us well for the future."

- Darren Lowe
VP, Information Technology, Stearns Bank N.A.

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