IT Consulting

Keeping your Information Technology and Telecom services working properly is a vital component of ensuring your business runs smoothly. In the modern world, a business without IT and Telecom is a business that has ground to a halt. That’s why, at Advanced Communications Consulting is committed to helping you keep your IT up to speed and your telecom speeding up.

IT Consulting Services

ACC offers clients a complete consulting service on any technology opportunity that may require additional assistance. If you need additional phone lines, internet services, or any type of technological upgrade, we can help you make sure you get what’s right for your company. Our IT consulting services include the following:

  • Ensure that your network, infrastructure, and software are meeting the demands of your business and employees
  • Recommend upgrades to existing systems and applications
  • Recommend a plan for providing ongoing services and support that allow you and your employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Upgrade existing solutions, implement any new hardware, software, and services
  • Educate individual users about new tools and services, whether remotely or face to face
  • Get to know all the people at the organization and ensure that they are comfortable reaching out to any member of our team with even the smallest problem or technical consideration
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and recommendations for upgrade/change
  • Offer immediate support in the event of a crisis situation

Telecom Auditing

ACC also offers Telecom Auditing services in order to keep your communications software and hardware operating at peak efficiency for your business. For example, ACC’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service covers the management of telecom costs, identifying line item over charges, right sizing telecom service inventory, migrating from legacy services, bill restoration, RFPs, all the way through asset recovery. We offer these services whether your telecom expenditures are $50 a month or $500,000 per month.

Contact ACC today for an optimization overview. We also offer, free of charge, a complete audit of all telecommunications and IT invoices to determine accuracy and recommend improvements where necessary.

When it comes to IT consulting and Telecom auditing, ACC offers as much or as little as your firm requires. Contact us today to get started.



"As Stearns Bank has grown in size both financially and geographically, ACC has skillfully managed the growth and performance of our WAN infrastructure and telephony. While taking into account our current business needs, ACC has anticipated and projected future requirements and has helped us make sound investments in and improvements to our network that have significantly benefited Stearns and have positioned us well for the future."

- Darren Lowe
VP, Information Technology, Stearns Bank N.A.

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