Cloud Services

Cloud Services

By now, just about everyone has heard of “the cloud.” In the context of Information Technology, the Cloud is simply a networked, off-site storage solution for your business or organization. This makes it easier for businesses to store and retrieve data, although many companies are hesitant to take advantage of cloud storage solutions. To some degree, it’s human nature to be reluctant to store things where you can’t see them. But cloud storage offers some distinct advantages from on-site storage, and those advantages—especially when administered by ACC—can help your business run more smoothly.

The advantages of cloud services are often both financial and practical, helping you run your business with greater efficiency and assurance. ACC has extensive experience in the field of cloud service setup and management. We can take care of the details so you can run your business.

What Are Cloud Services?

By giving clients access to nearly unlimited storage capacity that is off site, cloud storage solution services are designed to improve the efficiency of business and organizations (not to mention individuals). Cloud services are not limited to storage solutions. Indeed, in many cases, actual processes can be accomplished “in the cloud.” Some of the advantages of cloud services may include:

  • Increased efficiency, as all of your data can be stored in one place, but accessed from anywhere
  • Security: The cloud service will become responsible for back end security, meaning you can devote some resources to other areas
  • Automated Updates: Have you ever had to spend hours updating your computing software? With cloud services, this usually happens automatically
  • Improved flexibility: You can work from anywhere and access just about anything with ease. This means that you don’t have to actually be in the office to work, something that many businesses wish to encourage.
  • Levels the Playing Field: Cloud based services can give you access to a whole suite of software options, many of which can give you an advantage over the competition—or at least puts you on the same playing field as some of your bigger competitors

There are more advantages of cloud services, of course, and those advantages will depend on the nature of your organization. In short: cloud services make your computer more efficient, more secure, and more powerful.

Cloud Services with ACC

ACC offers cloud services to our clients because, while cloud services have numerous and substantial advantages, they do require some expertise to set up and to maintain. ACC has that experience and expertise required to give you the best possible cloud computing experience.

If you’re interested in Cloud Computing and Cloud Services, contact ACC right away to schedule a meeting and get the process started.



"As Stearns Bank has grown in size both financially and geographically, ACC has skillfully managed the growth and performance of our WAN infrastructure and telephony. While taking into account our current business needs, ACC has anticipated and projected future requirements and has helped us make sound investments in and improvements to our network that have significantly benefited Stearns and have positioned us well for the future."

- Darren Lowe
VP, Information Technology, Stearns Bank N.A.

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